Chiropractic Manipulation

back pain Chiropractic manipulation, or chiropractic adjustments (spinal and extremities), are minor movements that are created within the joints of the body to reestablish proper joint alignment and restore lost joint mobility.  Also known as “Subluxations” misalignments and restricted joint mobility can result from a number of reasons ranging from normal daily activities, like repetitive computer work, to traumas, such as a car accidents or athletic injuries.

When vertebral joints are misaligned or restricted, it can have overall systemic effect from muscular (weakness) to the central nervous system (coordination). Without proper alignment and mobility the information relayed from the nerves in the body won’t be as fast or as clear, which can, limit peak performance.

Similar to the spine, issues within the joints of the extremities can cause a reduction in peak performance due to pain and aberrant movement patterns.  For example, one common joint dysfunction is seen following a simple “rolled ankle”, limiting one’s ability to walk normally.

Usually for an adjustment the patient will lay down on a table and then Dr. Schlenker will use his hands to give a gentle thrusts or pull to reduce the subluxation and restore movement. Depending on the area of the body, there may be some “twisting” or ” bending” involved. The patient may sometimes hear or feel a “pop,” or “crack” that is one indicator that the misalignment has been reduced, and movement has been restored.

Although not all patients respond the same, the large majority of patients usually report a great sense of relief, and increased range of motion following an adjustment.

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