"I started seeing Dr. Schlenker a few months ago, and I am very impressed by his knowledge of body mechanics, and his willingness to work within my limitations. The recommended exercises he gives to augment his adjustments (to keep everything in place!) have been very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Schlenker for anyone needing an excellent chiropractor!"

-Suzie J.

"Dealing with age-related aches and pain is getting better with the care provided by Dr. Schlenker."

-Linda L.

"Schlenker Chiropractic has been instrumental in keeping me at my peak during sports and weight training. Aligning my body has improved my strength and decreased my pain, which has contributed to better performance. Dr. Schlenker was also there to help me recover from a serious head on auto accident. He was able to help me recover quickly while increasing my flexibility and decreasing my pain to equivalent levels prior to the accident. I would send anyone I know to Schlenker Chiropractic."

-Tyler T.

"As one of the original Zumba® Education Specialists, my weeks are filled with non-stop dancing, training, and travel. Thanks to Dr. Schlenker, I am able to keep up with these physical demands and continue to spread the Zumba® revolution worldwide."

-Gina Grant, ZES West Linn

"As a fitness instructor and busy mom of two children, I know I can depend on Dr. Schlenker to keep the whole family healthy."

-Jeannine Runyan, ZIN West Linn

"Dr. Schlenker, from the first visit, addressed and helped fix major issues from my previous track career. He also provides regular adjustments to enhance my Crossfit performance. Plain and simple, he’s amazing."

-Dre Williams, MOC Crossfit owner

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