Rehab & Physical Therapy

Most physical therapy patients experience trouble functioning on a physical level. Your ability to move and perform even simple tasks can be greatly impaired by injury, disease or disability. The primary focus of physical therapy is to restore, enhance or preserve movement and physical function.

For athletes, physical therapy takes on a whole new definition.  Following an injury athletes expect to return competitively to their sport at the same ability level.  This adds a new element to the traditional physical therapy model.  At the point where physical therapy for the general public would typically conclude with functional exercises, athletes are requiring an additional phase that will get them “Game Ready” for a specific sport – progressive rehabilitation.  With his background in professional sports and his extensive education in sports medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Schlenker can get the athlete back on the field quickly at a competitive level.

At Schlenker Chiropractic not only we will alleviate your pain and improve function and performance, we’ll get at the root of the problem so that your symptoms don’t return.

Dr. Schlenker will work with you to develop a physical therapy and rehab plan that’s geared to your specific needs and physical requirements, with a focus on stabilization and prevention.

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Treatment Anatomy

Our patients are encouraged to be active participants in their own care regarding diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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